Building team central baptist

This is the team that we just finished working with here in Bedford Texas there were many others that helped including David and Vicki Moseley and Ryan Budda along with his cohort Ben roth and Sparky or better know as Tommy Baker and some good friends from home David and Lynn Hill.  Heres a before and after shot of the sanctuary 

Before after central baptist

This is a shower I did for some friends of ours 

IMG 0032

Were up in one of our favorite places in the States.  Spokane Washington helping Brother Al and Sandy Tervo


Well I’m back or were back… 8 of us went and 8 returned.  A great trip with lots done, It’s just a dent in what is surely needed on the Island of Tanna but a blessing from God to be a part of the team that went over to help Missionary Danny White and the poeple of Tanna

IMG 1807
IMG 1906

Below is the beginings of a needed two story bathroom with showers for teams and the school plus the second story will have another bathroom and kitchen…  prayers and funds needed to complete this project as well as another team effort…  Danny’s wife Janice and duaghter Angelina really want this as they are currently using the comunity out houses and showers are a tent with a five gallon bucket and a cup to dip water 

IMG 1900

I head back to Tanna, Vanuatu on the 6th of July 2015, just a few days away now..  I’ve been there 3 previous trips and decided that I would probably never go back.  LOL  the Lord has different plans!  In March this year they sufffered a catagory 5 storm that devestated the Island probably in ways that we’ll never know.  We will only be making a drop in a very large bucket with this trip.  I pray that the Lord works wonders and that we are a blessing to these wonderful, God loving people.  The above picture is one of the below pictures after the storm… these tree’s are magnificent and can span nearly 1/2 a football feild and are a great source of shade and are often places where people meet as in the lower picture…  Pray for them as they recover from this storm..  They have little but are happy, we can learn a lot from them.  

vanautu 2
vanautu 1

My sweetie and I having fun in San Diego…  August 23rd…  2012

were spending the week here with friends taking some much needed R&R.

Were gonna be @ Living Word next week having fun working on their building but that's next week… 

gotta get back to having fun.  Pray you are too!

Richard and Robyn
san diego hornblower

Sat. August 25th  Robyn and I just arrived home after 6hr drive from coronado to home, left 3:30am  made good time coming home but I'm ready for a nap.  The other chambers Tim and Charnell from Redlands came and spent the day with us yesterday and we spent the week with Weldon and Rose Chambers and John and Esther Thiem.

We had a wonderful week of much needed rest. San diego was beautiful and about 70  degrees all week.  Awsome!

Sept 5th,

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(John and our Puppy's)

We are currently working in Long Beach at the Living Word MBC,  having fun in the sun….  we had the best 

prayer meeting tonight. 

October 15th, 2012

Robyn and I are home after working at the Freedom landmark MBC remodeling their sanctuary.
Robyn had surgery this last Thursday which went great… she can't lift anything for a bit and can't drive for at least a week, so now i'm mr. mom :)  I think she is enjoying this….    

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October 26th 2012

No picture today,  just an update on Robyn's surgery…  it's been two weeks and she is recovering nicely. She is taking it easy and is healing nicely.  She did have a complication with one of her incisions but that seems to be healing and she is planning on coming to Mojave with me this coming Monday.  Today I drove down to Mojave with the Bocat and some concrete tools for our upcoming project and then stopped by the church in Pixley to look at a future roofing project.

December 17th  

Were hanging out with mom and dad…  we enjoyed their 50th wedding anniversary this past weekend..  were heading home tommorrow, Kaitlyn is coming home for a few days this week and then Breann next week..  we really miss them and can't wait to see them.

DSC 0136
DSC 0034

January 31st 2013

Just finished our Kitchen Appliance update project here in La Habra…  Sister DJ makes the best sticky buns


Jenny… she is 4 and recently her father went to be with the Lord.. she has two brothers and her mom. They are very sweet people. Her Mom is a member in LaHabra..  Jenny was playing with my phone durning wed night services 


January 31st…  What a blessing good sam's was today, yet not how I was hoping to get down the road.  We left La Habra heading for home for the weekend to attend a wedding and some doctors appt. on Monday.  We got about 15 miles away on Interstate 60… traffic was stop and go.  As we were coming to a stop on the freeway the truck clunked and died, something broke?  I started the truck and put it in gear, we were right next to an offramp so we got off the freeway and into a parking lot.  As I came to a stop it again clunked and died?  It wouldn't move after that, it would start but as soon as I put it into gear it would die.  I have to say God is good, I can't imagine being stuck on the freeway which probably should have happened, something broke, yet It still got me off the freeway before completly dying?  Was this a God thing? or just luck?  "What do you think"?

The truck is now at a transmission shop in La Habra.  The shop owner has a testimony of his relationship with God on his web site and I believe that God has put us in the right place at the right time to get the truck fixed.  Becuase we have good sam's they towed the truck to the shop and also towed our trailer back to the Church in La Habra.      Thank you father for your love towards us in that while we were  yet sinners you sent your son to die for us and now he sits at your right had making intersetions for us.  

We are blessed!

IMG 0166

Sunrise at the Cypress MBC….  Beatiful day and a great project, we really enjoyed our time there.  Hebrews 11:32 tells us about those that time would fail the writer to tell us about..  Men like Brother Pack who just went home to be with our Lord.  As I walked with my puppy on this morning I thought about some of the hereos of the faith that God has put into my life and those I've met in this life that should be included with these great hereos found in Chapter 11.  

Cypress sanctuary

Just sent out April's report and found this picture that Brother Bob Ross put out on face book, what a blessing to work at the Cypress MBC.  We are now working in Porterville and I'm gonna get to use that new paint sprayer maybe as soon as tomorrow, can't wait

Porterville stained glass

One of the latest fads is repurposing items… going green…  recycling…  whatever you want to call it this turned out nice this stained glass window was once in the peak of the porterville church junior chapel. When they decided they wanted to add air conditioning to the room they had to drop the ceiling thereby doing away with this masterpiece.  Brother Braddock from porterville made this wagon wheel style frame and John added LED strip lighting on the back side where it now hangs on the wall of the Chapel.  

IMG 0222

While in Mojave we drove over to barstow to meet the girls who are both attending school in Las Vegas..
The Braddock's from Florida went with us and have been a real blessing to us. They traveled from Florida and met up with us in Porterville in April and will be with us until the end of July. 


Well this has been my job since finishing up Pixley.. The Lord blessed with a side job that began with fixing a lot of termite damage.  We found several of these live little guys.  the building had to be tented to kill em. 


Me Katy flew over from Vegas to go and see a Fresno State game for my 50th and her 22nd… since we do share the same B-Day…  And this year they are now 9-0  two more to go dogs!!!

One of four new door openings at the Home of former pastor Lonnie Wiggins…  He suffered a stroke and is in rehab getting strong enough to come home.  Many of the doors in his home where to small for a walker or wheelchair. Robyn and I had the pleasure of going down there this month July 2014 and helping them with this need.  I installed the new doors and a fan in their bedroom and Robyn cleaned behind me and painted all the new doors and trim.  Please pray for Brother Lonnie and Sister Eunice as they go through this time

© Richard Wharton 2012