Chapel Builders 3D

Upcoming projects: 

Antioch remodel will be starting March 4th and will take 4-6 weeks

Our State Association will be the week of April 16th

We’ll be in South Bay working on a re-roof project starting the week of May 6th and depending on conditions we’ll be there 2-3 weeks

June we’lll have a short project in McFarland to install retrofit windows on the church dates will be set as we get estimate of when windows will arrive

Also in June I’ll be supervising the re-roof of our sanctuary of our home church in Fresno

Redbluff exterior work and sanctuary will start July 8th

We’ll be working on bathrooms at the church in Folsom in August

In September we will be in Wanatche Wa & St Helens Oregon 

There are other Churches that need help and we are trying to figure out where to fit them in our schedule… as you can see we are busy and our crew will be wore out trying to do these projects…  

If you can help on any or all of these please know that you are welcome and needed!

We are always in need of funds for travel.  If you can help we would be grateful J

Help is always appreciated so come out and help.  Contact me at 559-681-0908 or email: 

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