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Upcoming projects: 

We’re finishing up Hisperia helping this week and headed monday the 6th

Barstow we’ll be remodeling the pastors bathroom

and while we are home we will also do a project on my pastors home.

Next year brings many projects that we are working on.. the first will be @ 

Faith Concord, Ca remodeling building #1  starting Janaury 8th
this is a big project and covers many trades and will take 3-4 weeks

First Bakersfield will start after Concord and we’ll start probably on the 5th of February
this is also another big project remodeling the sanctuary and will take 3-4 weeks

I’m not sure about timing of the next projects but I’m working on projects in North Highlands, Chico and Anehiem for the months of March-May

June and July we’ll be up in Spokane helping on the Valley MBC church remodel

Projects for the rest of the year include Denair, Woodbridge, Waterford and RedBluff

Please pray for our team as they are getting older and we’ve had some injuries this year and will need all the help that we can recieve…  Please know that you are always welcome. 

We are always in need of funds for travel.  If you can help we would be grateful J

Help is always appreciated so come out and help.  Contact me at 559-681-0908 for more info

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